Klaxxon Callosum, The Device for the Function. Rhetoric for the Future. Symbolic Strength and Virtue. Simplistic Answers. Klaxxon Callosum. Sonic Body.

Speech Acts

The code is an implicit speech act of communication. The connection is made by the machines and the interpretation of the code by the machine allows for the connection of the machines. The writing is part of the code, and the writing is also a connection, the writing uses symbols with ambiguous definitions. Human definitions have strong personal meaning. We learn lots of words when we are very young, while our relational self is learning how to feel and respond to our perceptions.
The words have meanings, though it is harder to crash a person than a machine.

The term Klaxxon refers to a tool with which to announce an important event by making a loud industrial sound, such as a 20th century 'air-raid siren' or the more prosaic 'alarm clock' ,so called because every body wants to wake up alarmed.

Extensive Research and invasion of the mind. Where are the answers to your questions? Where are the questions to the answers? The map cannot be the territory, and will be larger and smaller and faster and slower. 

Welcome Here to Klaxxon Callosum, the Sonic Body.

The description infos to describe the Klaxxon Callosum and provide promotional biographical data and images. 

The Livetext is the information as to the latest propaganda, public relations and agitprop messages. Please find the user content and involvement within. 

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Klaxxon Callosum is exactly as it seems. It is the future and the past alive in the present. It is lies and distortions of the truth of the infinite. It is the ineffable applied to the instrumental pragmatic utility. Ongoing, importantly. 

The internet, 

the digital tools 

the tools, 

be they digital or analog or biological, however the tools are formed, whatever the tools may be. The tools become more complex. The use of the tools seems to become easier, as the tool is developed. Tools are like water. They find their own level. Too many things are like water in this way.

To what use are these particular tools put?
This is a device for allowing connection. Here is some code, stored, which when activated, causes events. The script is a speech act when it is read by the machine.

Klaxxon Callosum is alive.

The Klaxxon Callosum Project

is geared up to be symbolic of an agency of absurdly monumental self importance from the furthest of extra imaginary outer solar, outlier, outland,outsider outskirts of town, arriving to engage with the contemporary and theexperiential through the mechanism of interaction with and connexion to the inherent elements of humanness and the boundary conditions which delineate much of the major comprehension of fundamental abstract, and therefore concrete living human structures.
Klaxxon Callosum is interested in working with you to devise a collaborative Sound, Video, Installation or Happening structure or project.  Klaxxon Callosum is interested in the process and the result. Klaxxon Callosum is interested in making work.
Klaxxon Callosum is a multidisciplianary multimedia multiformat present tense post industrial pre collapse society production department.
Klaxxon Callosum is a reference to the part of the brain which is rumoured to connect the left and right hemispheres together. Older theory relating to the brain once claimed that this connection was used to mediate between the "logical" and the "intuitive" physical parts of the brain by allowing transfer of stimulus and signals from and to separate understandings of perception, within the brain itself. People who have had an operation on their brain to remove this link are believed by neuroscientists and psychologists to transform into two separate people inhabiting one half of the body each. The Corpus Callosum could be said to connect the individual parts of the self within a single human being, thus creating a contiguous experience of a single whole mind.

Sound is unusual in the human brain in that it is allegedly recreated insidethe brain as an analogous waveform, transduced into electrical pulse trains.
Such an action is different to all of the other senses which do not recreate an analogous re-creation, but use the brains own propriatory format to encode information.